Animations au château de Calmont d’Olt, Aveyron © A. Arnal - Tourisme Aveyron
Animations au château de Calmont d’Olt

the châteaux of Aveyron
more than just a visit !

In the château de Belcastel, you will find several art galleries including the exhibition of rare works by American illustrators. At the château du Colombier, the lions from the mediaeval animal park await you. At the château de Calmont d’Olt, children become knights and experts in mediaeval culture will demonstrate Middle Age war machines.

These are just a few examples of the extreme diversity of these châteaux that all offer an experience that goes well beyond a simple visit.

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Visite libre de Laissac


Visite du village de Peyrusse le Roc et du site médiéval


Fortified by nature, Peyrusse, the ancient Petrucia seeks its origins in the night of time. It's a life-size history book, a walk through the centuries.

Explore Boussac


Classified as Historic Monument, its fortified church will surprise you with its stature, & the village with its balance between nature & the charm of its old stones!

Château Templier de la Couvertoirade

La Couvertoirade

Established during the 13th century, this château is a listed Historic Monument, emblematic of the military order of the Templar, these Knights of Christ, monks and soldiers.

Château des évêques


Guillaume de La Tour, bishop of Rodez and lord of Salles-Curan, built this castle in 1441-1447 - he and his successors reside there frequently, to the extent that they often administer the diocese from there...

La Tour du Viala du Pas de Jaux


Situated on the Larzac 15 minutes from Roquefort, the Viala du Pas de Jaux Tower offers a discovery of its riches and its incomparable panorama from the top of the tower on the sentry walk-way.

Eglise Fortifiée de Sainte Radegonde


14th and 15th century fortified church, similar to a castle with towers, sentry walk-way.

Visite guidée de Ste Eulalie d'Olt




Découverte du village de Villecomtal


An accompanied visit of Villecomtal to discover the history of this emblematic mediaeval village of red sandstone dominated by its 15th century château.

Mélac castle


This rare fortified wealthy house of the southern Rouergue was built between the 14th and the 16th centuries. The castle has four main buildings which are interconnected by towers (Renaissance tower) and form an amazing inner courtyard with arcades.

Cité médiévale de Sévérac-le-Château


The medieval city of Sévérac welcomes you! Stroll in the narrow streets and be surprised by the house of Jeanne or the sestayral...

Château de Sévérac


Discover the Middle Age ramparts, towers and chapel, the Renaissance façade, exceptional viewpoint over the Aveyron valley and the medieval village and viewpoint indicator. Sévérac le Château is an ideal place to stay and discover the Aveyron.

Château de Bertholène


Known from early 12th century texts, the castle of Bertholene has an important strategic location. Visits possible on 25 July and 22 August 2014 (followed by the visit of the Musée de Montrozier), after booking on 05 65 70 71 30.

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