Décollage en parapente face au Viaduc de Millau, Aveyron © J. Holdrinet - pixelsmillau.fr
Décollage en parapente face au Viaduc de Millau

Aerial, paragliding
in Aveyron

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Aéroclub du Ségala


Tête à l'Env'Air - Parapente


Tête à l'Env'Air offers some discovery paraglider flights.

Centre de planeur de l'Aveyron


Visit the southern Aveyron carried by the wind... first flights, plane, glider



Go on a discovery of the mountains and lakes of the Levezou viewed from the air, balloon flights and baptisms from April to October.

Antipodes saut à l'élastique


Antipodes is specialised in bungee jumping for more than 20 years. In Sainte Eulalie, the viaduct is 50 meters high, in front of the amazing templar city, in the middle of the famous Larzac.

Airzone Parapente


Man's dream, within everyone's reach! Discover paragliding over Millau, its Viaduct & "the Grands Causses". Gliding down, thermalling up, or aerobatics maneuvers, with a professional Instructor pilot, of 20 years experience. Onboard video on demand.

Vol en montgolfière avec Les choses de l'Air


Hot air balloon flight : come and fly over the bastides and Gorges of the Aveyron (Najac, Villefranche de Rouergue, Abbaye de Beaulieu,...). Embark on our hot air balloon and share an unforgettable moment !

Evasion Parapente


Don't dream any more, do it!

Horizon Millau Parapente


HORIZON MILLAU is an approved free flight school since 1995. Its instructors are certified by the State and they have the passion.

Fly Millau Parapente


Discover Millau while paragliding

La Maison du Plein Air - Cerf volant, Aile de traction


Control the wing without flying and play with the wind.

Grimpe et Cimes - Parcours acrobatique


107 games, 750 m of zip line, 1300m of circuits with safety line !!! 9 increasing circuits 0.5 m to 15.5 m high for the pleasure of the all ... and for the bravest the Quick Jump : a jump from a 17 m height !!!

Ballon du Causse: baptême de l'air en montgolfière


Discovery flights in hot air balloons.

Vols d'initiation/Baptêmes ULM à Bozouls


ULM base to the north east of Bozouls. 2 hangars, a clubhouse.

Base Aéronautique Sarrans Cantoin


Taster flights in two seater microlight, flights for to destinations on demand, aerial photography...

Les choses de l'Air : Saut en parachute tandem


Tandem skydiving: dare to jump at more than 3000 m and experience the thrill! An unforgettable experience of free fall above Villefranche de Rouergue (Aveyron)!

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