Décollage en parapente face au Viaduc de Millau, Aveyron © J. Holdrinet - pixelsmillau.fr
Décollage en parapente face au Viaduc de Millau

Aerial, paragliding
in Aveyron

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BASC activités ULM


Taster flights in two seater microlight, flights for to destinations on demand, aerial photography...

Acrobi Parapente


Discover the 3rd dimension with a team of passionate instructors confirmed: discovery flight, ascendance, distance, acrobatic, there is something for everyone! Accessible to everyone from 4 years old and for handicapped public

Tête à l'Env'Air - Parapente


Tête à l'Env'Air offers some discovery paraglider flights.

Les choses de l'Air : Saut en parachute tandem


Tandem skydiving: dare to jump at more than 3000 m and experience the thrill! An unforgettable experience of free fall above Villefranche de Rouergue (Aveyron)!

Les Ailes du Viaduc

La Cavalerie

Dare to fly in an ultralight plane and discover the region of the Grands Causses from the air.

Ballon du Causse: baptême de l'air en montgolfière


Discovery flights in hot air balloons.

Bureau des accompagnateurs - Sport adapté


The instructors' office is a network of independent qualified instructors working on the Grands Causses, Gorges du Tarn and the Southern Massif Central.

Joël Houdouin Biplace parapente


Paragliding tandem flights, with the qualified instructor Joël. Available for everyone and without age restriction.

Horizon Millau Parapente


HORIZON MILLAU is an approved free flight school since 1995. Its instructors are certified by the State and they have the passion.



Go on a discovery of the mountains and lakes of the Levezou viewed from the air, balloon flights and baptisms from April to October.

Vol en montgolfière avec Les choses de l'Air


Hot air balloon flight : come and fly over the bastides and Gorges of the Aveyron (Najac, Villefranche de Rouergue, St Antonin Noble Val,...). Embark on our hot air balloon and share an unforgettable moment !

Centre de planeur de l'Aveyron


Visit the southern Aveyron carried by the wind... first flights, plane, glider

Initiation au cerf- volant


Objectif Chutelibre


Aéro-club Millau-Larzac

La Cavalerie

The Air Club Millau-Larzac aims to develop air sports and private aviation through learning and advanced training and first plane trips with a DGAC-authorised pilot.

Vol libre en ballon Montgolfiere

La Rouquette

Discovery flights in hot air balloons.

ULM Aéroclub Les Ailes du Carladez


The occasion to get close to the world of aerial sports in a microlight, simply via a taster flight discovering the Carladez seen from the sky or via an introduction flight searching for a different sense of freedom in complete security.

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