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Pêche sur le lac de Pareloup, Aveyron © V. Prudhomme / Tourisme Aveyron
Pêche sur le lac de Pareloup

Fishing in Aveyron


With 7000km of 1st and 2nd category rivers
and close to 40 lakes, the Aveyron is a real paradise for those who love fishing.

With its superb lakes, its great rivers (the Lot, Tarn and Aveyron) and its numerous streams, the Aveyron offers something for all fishing techniques. Numerous zander, record pike (1.37m and 43lbs, beat that!), perch, carp, ground fish and of course, wild trout, live in the waters of the Aveyron.

Whether you are an experienced angler or simply a beginner, the Aveyron, land of great species, will introduce you to fishing in magnificent natural surroundings.

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Predator fishing:
the great halieutic rishness of Aveyron

In the midst of exceptional natural scenery, populations of fish (zander, perch, pike and wels catfish) are the object of careful management and low pressure fishing.
In this sumptuous setting and more particularly in autumn that is often very pleasant in the Aveyron sunshine, you will have the best chance of experiencing the best of predator fishing.

Predator fishing course

predator fishing, Aveyron © Fédération de pêche de l’Aveyron
predator fishing
Truite, Aveyron © Fédération de pêche de l’Aveyron

Trout fishing : 
quality and diversity

The very large number of rivers and streams offered by the département’s 5 large water basins (Truyère, Lot, Aveyron, Viaur and Tarn) allows this type of fishing to be done in wild and contrasting surroundings using the ensemble of angling techniques for salmonidae.
An exemplary heritage management enables real wild trout to be traced.

Trout fishin course

carp fishing :
an exemplary departement

With more than 300km of rivers open for night fishing, in the Aveyron we cultivate respect for beautiful mirror, leather and common carp that can reach record weights (70lbs).
From great lakes, that you need to learn how to approach, to great rivers that offer memorable combats, all styles can be fully exploited.
You don’t come carp fishing in the Aveyron by chance.

Carp fishing course

Pêche de nuit, lac de Pareloup, Aveyron © Fédération de pêche de l’Aveyron
Pêche de nuit au lac de Pareloup
Fishing in Aveyron, Fédération de pêche de la dourbie
Fishing in Aveyron

a real paradise for match fishing

In rivers or lakes, beginners, experienced or competition anglers will find what they are looking for. We regularly see great names from the angling world who come to train on our riverbanks.
Match fishing in the Aveyron offers the possibility of fishing all year round, using all techniques with the quasi totality of non predator fish that exist in France.

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