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Musée Fenaille à Rodez

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Musée du Cardinal Verdier


It's a rare small museum, the subject is pointed, but for the more curious, a real discovery of the man who is at the origins of so many churches in France: Cardinal Verdier.

Maison de la Châtaigne/Musée des Arts Religieux


140 m² of exhibition with video room and interactive terminals for children. 40 m² of religious art. Sales of local products based on chestnuts.

Musée des Traditions du Sud-Aveyron


The Museum of Traditions of the Southern Aveyron, the past re-found... An exceptional collection with surprising true scenes.

Moulin des Arts, espace d'art contemporain


The Atelier Blanc, a contemporary art space, runs the Moulin des Arts in Saint-Rémy, only 5 km from Villefranche de Rouergue. Pedagogical actions are possible around the exhibitions.

Jardin des enclos


Landscaped art-garden with surprising atmospheres.

Le Musée d'Antoine


An original presentation of old tractors (from 1920 onwards) and diverse agricultural equipment.

Collections Archéologiques de Girmou


Exhibition: archeological finds from the site of Girmou, agricultural tools and interior of last century.

Micro-musée de la vie paysanne à Durbec


In Durbec, a micro-museum of peasant life, a sublime viewpoint and a lovely walk along the drains and paths

Tribunal des Arts


The "Tribunal des Arts" welcome you to make you discover the artistic world that open up to you!

Claude Villefranque - Artiste Forgeron - Maison Créative du Vibal

Le Vibal

Creator of people in wrought iron: presentation of the Maison Créative du Vibal. For groups, guided visits with commentary about each person presented, demonstration of forging on the anvil in the basement.

Espace Archéologique Départemental de Montrozier


Linked to the latest archaeological research in the Aveyron, presentation of temporary exhibitions and archaeological collections from the Aveyron. Pedagogical activities and visits to archaeological sites by appointment.

Galerie - Musée Marcel Boudou


This museum, open in the summer period (July and August) exhibits in this period works by local artist Marcel BOUDOU and welcomes themed temporary exhibitions.

Musée Eugène Viala


Eugène Viala, poet, painter, watercolour artist of recognised talent, was born in Salles Curan in 1859.

Museum of the Ségala Agricultural Traditions


Journey into the agricultural past of the region...

Maison de la Mémoire (House of Memory) in the Saint-Affrique area


Come and explore the variety and richness of the Aveyron's heritage and culture. Entry is free!!!

Fenaille Museum


Museum of archaeology and history of the Rouergue presenting an exceptional collection of statue-menhirs.

Maison de l'Aubrac


Discover the Aubrac in all its dimensions: its nature, its history, its culture, its economy, its gastronomy, its traditions... through the seasons.

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