Ours Shadow, parc animaliers de Pradinas, Aveyron © DR
Ours Shadow, parc animaliers de Pradinas

Wild-life and theme parks
in Aveyron

Jardins de bêtes à Gages, Aveyron © DR
Jardins de bêtes à Gages

Animal parks

Farm animals, exotic animals or reptiles, there’s an animal park for everyone in the Aveyron. Children will be able to feed animals from all four corners of the world at the jardin des bêtes or be impressed when face to face with the lions at the Parc du Colombier. Why not try something different and learn all there is to know about ostriches Monsieur and Madame Vigouroux await you at their Ferme des Autruches ! As for the Parc du Saint Hubert, you will discover the animals whilst riding in a gypsy caravan.

Understand whilst having fun

Plunge yourself into the fascinating world of insects and their natural environment, let yourself be fascinated by water, learn about sheep breeding and the Aubrac or life on the banks of the Lot…
Stimulate your curiosity, have fun, satisfy your appetite for discovery!

Micropolis, la cité des insectes à Saint-Léons, Aveyron © G. Tordjeman
Micropolis, la cité des insectes à Saint-Léons

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La Ferme aux Autruches


10 km from Conques, come and discover traditional aveyronnaise farming with a touch of exotic colour at the Ferme aux Autruches (Ostrich farm).

Maison de l'Aubrac


Discover the Aubrac in all its dimensions: its nature, its history, its culture, its economy, its gastronomy, its traditions... through the seasons.

Parc animalier Le Saint Hubert


More than 200 wild animals (red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar...). Visit in a cart and participation in feeding.



Micropolis, Cité des Insectes (Insect Centre), theme park, restaurant, boutique. Live insects, 3D cinema, carnivorous plants... Discover an infinitely small world of nature.

Terra Olt


Scenographic centre dedicated to the river Lot and the traditions of this valley: navigation, fishing, daily life of the Ribièrols (riverains in French - inhabitants), geography, geology, ... new interactive course to learn while having fun.

Le Reptilarium du Larzac


Discover the secret life of reptiles: chameleons, pythons, giant tortoises, iguanas, monitor lizards, anacondas, alligators, etc at the entrance to the Knights Templar village of Sainte Eulalie de Cernon.

Nourrissage des animaux à la mini-ferme du Parc animalier du Ségala (Pradinas)


A lovely moment to share with your entire little family!

Le Jardin des Bêtes



Soigneur d'un jour au Parc animalier du Ségala (Pradinas)


For one day, live a unique experience in close contact with animals you are not used to see in your living room!

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