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Visite guidée du château de Bournazel

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Château de Valon


The site of Valon is impressive. It offers a sumptuous panoramic view of the "Gorges de la Truyère". Come in through the door- you enter into a universe of history, tales and legends. A staircase straight out of a fantasy tale.

Monastère et Cloître des Augustins


Next to the church of the penitents, or chapel of the Augustine monks, the monastery and its convent delight the visitors.

Village fortifié de Vimenet


The association "L'Eau et la Pierre" propose a 2h guided tour of the medieval village of Vimenet by appointment for groups. Guided tours in summer (enquire) or by appointment for groups. Bookings: Tourism Office : +33 5 65 70 71 30.

Les Moulins de Roupeyrac - Maison d'Ecrivain François Fabié


Writer's House, Museum of the Rouergue (flour mill, reciprocating saw), poetic walk.

Village de Saint Léons


Pretty village in the shape of an amphitheatre built on the flank of the hill with numerous architectural assets, but also natural ones like the botanical path or the earwig garden.

Château des Bourines


Discover the Domaine des Bourines and its castle, a large agricultural complex with first constructions going back to the 12th century.

St Geniez d'Olt, la Ville Lumière


It is said that in the late 15th century there lived in St-Geniez a fisherman whose two children had captured a gopher. The little animal ran off scared on a stormy afternoon. The two children ran after it when a violent storm started and immersed the valley in a real deluge. On their return, several houses, including theirs had been washed away. By fleeing the little animal had saved their lives. They were nicknamed "the Marmots". By extension the name was given to all the inhabitants.

Eglise collégiale de Salles-Curan


Collegiate CHURCH: Glèisa de Las Salas or Gleisa Sant-Guirald.

Coupiac Castle


15th century château of imposing architecture. One of the last of the château of the Counts of Rodez still intact today.

Chapelle Notre-Dame du Calvaire


This chapel was erected in 1789 above Pomayrols by two nuns.

Église de Pomayrols


The church of Pomayrols already existed in the 11th century. It is dedicated to St John Baptist

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