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Top 12 Gorges of the TarnRestaurants

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Bleu des Causses - Caves de Peyrelade


Tasting and sales of Bleu des Causses, cows milk cheese, matured in the natural caves in Peyrelade founded in 1856 on the limestone scree of the Gorges du Tarn.

Jolis Gestes


Caveau du Mas


The producers of the region of the Grands Causses have joined forces to propose authentic, carefully selected products throughout the year.

Snack de la Via


Snack de l'Acroparc du Mas


For a meal / snack or a treat, you will find drinks, ice creams and fast food and you can sit on the shaded terrace or on the beach by the river.

Hôtel de la Muse et du Rozier


A tasty cuisine in a wonderful surrounding

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