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La Couvertoirade

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La spirale minérale

La Couvertoirade

Vitch Forge

Le Clapier

Les Ateliers de la Scierie


Visit to an engraving studio with demonstration opportunity Engravings Sophie Vigneau. Training courses on request. Summer exhibitions.

Village fortifié de la Couvertoirade

La Couvertoirade

Mediaeval village reflecting the military power of the Knights Templar and the daily life of the Hospitaller.

L'art du couteau

La Couvertoirade

Boutique of regional knives.

Fort cistercien de St-Jean d'Alcas


The welcome point of Saint-Jean d'Alcas is open from april to september. Explore the fortress and let yourself charm by this jewel of cistercian architecture.

Site Templier et Hospitalier de la Cavalerie

La Cavalerie

Templar and Hospitaller village on the Larzac: fortified walls and its imposing entrance gate, 18th and 17th century houses, 18th century church. Village founded by the Knights Templar.

Vélorail et Train Touristique du Larzac


Mixed ride along an historic and spectacular railway: railbike+train (descent by railbike with no effort, return by train).



Stage de filage de laine au fuseau et aux rouets

La Couvertoirade

Christiane offers the participation in her wool spinning courses or to come and demonstrate wool spinning at events.

Ferme d'Alcas


Visit a farm that breeds dairy ewes and discover agorpastoralism.

Au Tour de la Matière

La Couvertoirade

Art turning Wood and metal work Creation of decorative objects (lamps, boxes, candlesticks, mobiles...) and wooden and metal jewellery. All the pieces are one-offs.


La Cavalerie

Musée des Traditions du Sud-Aveyron


The Museum of Traditions of the Southern Aveyron, the past re-found... An exceptional collection with surprising true scenes.

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