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La Couvertoirade

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Vélorail et Train Touristique du Larzac


Mixed ride along an historic and spectacular railway: railbike+train (descent by railbike with no effort, return by train).

Eglise et Jardin botanique Saint-Xist

Le Clapier

Saint Xist is situated in the commune of Clapier, between this village and that of Fondamente. It's bell-tower completes its elegant architecture and serves as a landmark for the small hamlet nestling at its feet. At he foot of the plateau du Guilhaumard, reputed for its rich flora and fauna, come and discover the Saint Xist botanical garden.

GAEC des Traversiers

La Couvertoirade

Pierre and Isabelle welcome you at their farm located at 500 m from the town of La Couvertoirade to sample their products, direct sale of cheeses at the farm (No visits to the farm)

Produits du terroir Saveurs fermières


Boutique selling local products.

Jean-Jacques BRIS


Stage de filage de laine au fuseau et aux rouets

La Couvertoirade

Christiane offers the participation in her wool spinning courses or to come and demonstrate wool spinning at events.


La Couvertoirade

Poterie du Tilleul


Pierre offers decorative and utility objects in white stoneware. The potteries are done a wheel, then decorated by hand and baked at 1280°C. Open all year round.

Fromagerie Les Artisous

La Cavalerie

Discover all our Larzac ewe's cheeses

Vannerie Paysanne


The Peres family breed sheep and donkeys, have a small campsite and two yurts, as well as a chambre d'hôtes. Claudie also loves making wicker baskets, bins, don't hesitate to visit them on their very well restored caussenarde farm.

Lana del Païs

La Couvertoirade

La Petite Bergerie


Exhibition of artists. Monumental sculptures in the fields.

L'Atelier du Tisserand

La Couvertoirade

Crafts are day-to-day arts! Discover the world of a weaver between tradition and creation... Hand weaving and textile design in noble materials and bespoke by a master craftsman.

Conserverie Papillon-Marmus

La Cavalerie

Family preserve factory Papillon-Marmus: traditional local pates and terrines.

L'Atelier Boutique

La Couvertoirade

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