Rando à cheval sur le Larzac, Aveyron © J. Tomaselli / Tourisme Aveyron
Rando à cheval sur le Larzac

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Les Ailes du Viaduc

La Cavalerie

Dare to fly in an ultralight plane and discover the region of the Grands Causses from the air.

Randonnée Le Rocher du Lion

Distance 6km

La Bastide-Pradines

Les chevaux du rajal

La Bastide-Pradines

Located in Aveyron, at the entrance of the Larzac hidden in a little valley, Les chevaux du Rajal is a family equestrian structure with several services: Equestrian centre, Pony club, Boarding, Breeding, Equitherapy.

Randonnée La mare du Lavagnol

Distance 6.7km

La Cavalerie

Aéro-club Millau-Larzac

La Cavalerie

The Air Club Millau-Larzac aims to develop air sports and private aviation through learning and advanced training and first plane trips with a DGAC-authorised pilot.

Circuit du Roc Nantais

Distance 30km


Circuit VTT Autour de Sainte-Eulalie

Distance 3.3km


Circuit VTT De la Baraque froide à Fontvive

Distance 24km

La Couvertoirade

Randonnée De Saint-Jean d'Alcas au plateau de Mascourbes

Distance 10km


Vélorail et Train Touristique du Larzac


Mixed ride along an historic and spectacular railway: railbike+train (descent by railbike with no effort, return by train).

Plan d'eau de la Roque


Want to cool off? The Roque water area offers lifeguard patrolled swimming in the Dourbie river.

Itinérance 120 km

Distance 121km


Circuit VTT Les fours à chaux

Distance 11.5km


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