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La Couvertoirade

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Ferme du Frayssinet


Farm: 1) guided visit of the farm and discussion over sheep cheese and a glass of local wine. 2) guided visit of the farm with a snack with sheep cheese, a sheep's milk dessert, a cake, home-made jams and drinks.

Les produits des monastères

La Couvertoirade

Come and discover the products of the monasteries: liqueurs, wines, herbal tea, sweets, nougats, honey, syrups, olive oil, biscuits.

La Tour Valette

La Couvertoirade

Aire de pique-nique


Le Grand Café Moderne


Aire de pique-nique


Fromagerie coopérative des Bergers du Larzac

La Cavalerie

A few years ago some men and women have decided to create their own cheese factory to valorise their only wealth: ewe's milk.

Aire de pique-nique

La Couvertoirade

Crêperie Montès

La Couvertoirade


La Cavalerie

Restaurant des Voyageurs


Grilled over a wood fire. Fresh products according to the season.

GAEC des Traversiers

La Couvertoirade

Pierre and Isabelle welcome you at their farm located at 500 m from the town of La Couvertoirade to sample their products, direct sale of cheeses at the farm (No visits to the farm)

GAEC du Berlières


The GAEC du Berlières proposes ewe's tome cheese from the farm.

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