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Village de Belcastel, Aveyron © F. Calas / jourdenuit.fr
Village de Belcastel

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At the start of the 20th century the village of Belcastel could only be reached via difficult tracks. The still formidable remains of the château fort were discovered standing proudly on the vertiginous rocks that dominate the village’s houses.

It was in 1974 that Fernand Pouillon, one of the greatest architects of his time, bought the château in ruins and immediately undertook its restoration. Thanks to his devotion and the willing activity of all those who helped him, including the population of the village, the château was restored to its former glory. This extraordinary initiative was encouraged by the inhabitants of the village who, following his example, set about restoring and breathing life back into the ensemble of the village's houses, communal buildings and restaurants.

Le chemin de croix de Casimir Ferrer, église de Belcastel, Aveyron © C. Bousquet - CD12
Le chemin de croix de Casimir Ferrer, église de Belcastel

But this does not mean it is a museum village.
Contemporary artists supported him such as Casimir Ferrer, author of an extraordinary Way of the Cross on exhibition in the church, and all those who now take part in the periodical exhibitions.

Thanks to all its population, Belcastel really is one of the plus beaux villages de France (most beautiful villages in France).

Château de Belcastel, Aveyron © M.Hennessy - Tourisme Aveyron
Château de Belcastel


It is undeniably one of the most beautiful château in the Aveyron that dominates the village. The imposing structure dates from the 11th century and is made up of a square dungeon and corner towers.

When you enter via its drawbridge, you can admire the restoration work carried out by the architect Fernand POUILLON. It is also both a historic monument and an art gallery that await you during your visit. In fact, exhibitions of the world of illustration are offered throughout the year.

Forge Museum

Three levels of exhibition rooms present the crafts of yesteryear. Blacksmiths, clog makers, fishermen are just a few of the old savoir-faire that you will be able to discover in the old forge. A fun visit, ideal for all the family.

Musée de la forge et des anciens métiers à Belcastel © DR
Musée de la forge et des anciens métiers à Belcastel



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