Canoé sur le Lot à St Geniez d'Olt@OT-Causses-Aubrac
Canoé sur le Lot à St Geniez d'Olt@OT-Causses-Aubrac

Things to see and do

Nous vous invitons à flâner dans le centre ancien de Saint-Geniez d’Olt, de part et d’autre de la rivière Lot, pour découvrir l’architecture remarquable issue de la richesse de la « ville lumière » et de ses alentours.
A travers les nombreuses activités pleine nature proposées, venez explorer notre pays riche de son authenticité.
Que vous soyez vélo, rando ou encore pêcheur, en famille ou entre amis, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Alors, prêts ? 
Nous vous donnons les clés pour vivre vos passions et partager le goût de vivre des moments intenses...

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St Geniez d'Olt, la Ville Lumière


It is said that in the late 15th century there lived in St-Geniez a fisherman whose two children had captured a gopher. The little animal ran off scared on a stormy afternoon. The two children ran after it when a violent storm started and immersed the valley in a real deluge. On their return, several houses, including theirs had been washed away. By fleeing the little animal had saved their lives. They were nicknamed "the Marmots". By extension the name was given to all the inhabitants.

Église de Saint Laurent d'Olt


St Laurent is a village built on a rocky ridge in a meander of the Lot. The church was built in 1483.

Avenga - hydrospeed


Église Notre-Dame de Lenne


The small Gothic church of Lenne dates from the late 15th century.

Géocaching autour de St Geniez d'Olt


Mini-Musée de Pomayrols


Pomayrols overlooks the Lot valley. In one of the rooms of the château, that dominates the village, this mini-museum holds a remarkable collection of agricultural tools from years gone by. Through these tools, M. Badoc makes working the fields, the vineyards and the strawberries of this Vallée d'Olt come back to life. A passionate trip back in time.

Piscine de Saint Geniez d'Olt


Located near to the city center, the swimming pool is one of the meeting places for young people. Since 2016, a new water slide has been installed. Come and test it!

Cyclotourisme : Le Col de Verlac

Distance 75km


Église de Mandailles


The current church dates from 1866 and replaces a former castral chapel.

Chapelle des Pénitents Noirs


In 1672 the Augustine monks transfer part of their land to the Penitents de la Misericorde brotherhood. The latter, better known as the Black Penitents, referring to the colour of their cloaks, finished their chapel in 1705. It is dedicated to Saint Jean Baptiste.

Cyclotourisme : Circuit de Banassac et Campagnac

Distance 61.8km


Cyclotourisme : Circuit de Vaysse Rodier

Distance 74.7km


Site de la Plancelle


east of Campagnac the site of la Plancelle provides a spectacular panoramaof the Lot Valley and Aubrac, the villages of Verteilhac and Canilhac in the Lozère.

O'Paddle d'Olt : Bateaux électriques sur le lac de Castelnau-Lassouts-Lous


Trail around on the lake of Castelnau-Lassouts-Lous. Sailing along without noise on board of this electric-solar powered boat 100% made in Aveyron. Enjoy this new activity on departure from Cabanac, near Ste Eulalie d'Olt, a village listed among the Prettiest Villages of France

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