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VTT dans le rougier de Camarès

Rougier of Camarès
Sports and nature

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Centre de planeurs de l'Aveyron


Visit the southern Aveyron carried by the wind... first flights, plane, glider

Club Rando Rance et Vallons


The association "Rando Rance et Vallons" aims to develop and valorise hiking in the canton of Saint Sernin sur Rance, both for sports practice and the discovery and preservation of the cultural and nature heritage of the region.

Poney Club - Centre équestre du Rougier


Riding, first rides, lessons and initiation.

A la croisée des Arbres : Grimpe d'arbres


What is tree climbing? It's a plant exploration! It allows participants to discover the tree and its environment by climbing from the roots to the top in complete safety. This activity is different from the tree climbing courses.

Enjoy a touch of southern atmosphere between Larzac and Lévézou

Distance 5km


This pastoral breakaway which takes place on the upper part of Saint-Rome-de-Cernon is very easy to get to and offers to walkers a view over this village located at the crossroads of roads and hilly areas.

SUD RANDOS (groups)


Enjoy a wealth of discoveries from the Gorges du Tarn to the Roquefort cheese – A stay throughout a farming land

Circuit des Templiers et Hospitaliers

Distance 70km


Le dolmen de Tiergues


The Rocher de Caylus, former seat of a seigniorial castle, and the Dolmen de Tiergues, a remarkable megalith, are the two emblems of this escapade in the heart of the Saint-African countryside.

Cycle Azam shop


Bicycles from A to Z with AZAM Cycling shop: Workshop for all makes, equipped to receive all your bikes in the best all your bikes in the best conditions

From Causse to Rougier

Distance 47km


This large loop provides a feeling of change of scene and, in two ascents, carries you from one landscape to another, from the stony scenery of the Causse d'Hermilix to the wine-coloured valleys of the Rougier de Camarès.

Plaisance Intermunicipal Swimming pool


Plaisance rural swimming pool is open every afternoon during July and August

Explonature Escalade


Explonature offers a supervised course adapted to your level of practice (beginner to experienced), in climbing close to the Millau viaduct, the gorges du Tarn and the gorges de la Jonte

Family fishing route


For a few years now, Vabres has made available a Family fishing course exclusively reserved for children under 16 years of age, allowing them to enjoy fishing on a dedicated section, whether or not accompanied by an adult.

From the valley of Verzolet to the plateau of Hermelix

Distance 10km


The Verzolet valley is a haven of freshness during the summer season. Fields and pasture lands on the causse: this walking route unobtrusively nestled between the Sorgues valley and the frontal causses provides striking contrasts

N°12 The Castles circuit

Distance 14km


The area displays a rich architectural heritage with several castles scattered all along this biking tour.

In the land of Roquefort

Distance 48km


An immersion in the heart of the milk catchment area dedicated to the producing of the king of cheese: a landscape with plateaus, majestic amphitheatres and residual mounds that holds some beautiful bumps and splendid sceneries.

Karting Plus Belmont


Imagine a 1.5km long circuit 8m wide with more than 500m² of infrastructure (clubhouse, cafeteria, seminar room, children's games...).

Piscine Intercommunale de Belmont sur Rance


A convivial and family orientated place to swim where everyone will enjoy themselves.

N°9 The castle trail

Distance 16km


Three valleys are the guideline of this biking tourwhich starts from a castle and enables you to combine physical activity with heritage sight-seeing.

Trail running No. 24 Saint-Affrique

Distance 19km


Right from the beginning, this fabulous getaway on the causse of Saint-Affrique holds for you several challenging and technical uphills, but also as a highpoint, a forest downhill that does not lack relief!

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