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Explore Boussac

Classified as Historic Monument, its fortified church will surprise you with its stature, & the village with its balance between nature & the charm of its old stones!

A church firmly planted on the ground...

Built during 13th century, then fortified by the inhabitants during 14th & 15th centuries in order to protect themselves from the English invasion, its base gives evidence of it, with its 1 metre thick!

Also, crenels & arrow-loops & machicolation witness this defensive purpose. 3 storeys with rooms & accommodations were fit out above the nave in anticipation of prolonged sieges.

Enter the church, admire the strength of its pillars, peer into the magnificent golden altarpiece to identify the various figures represented... & try to locate the pipe intended to be used to communicate with the storeys' occupiers.

On 16th of August, takes place the Saint-Roch pilgrimage in the church of Boussac. In 1989, year of severe drought, the inhabitants came to implore this saint to make it rain.

... with its little & local legend:

At the confluence of the Couffignan & Lézert streams, in the hamlet of Le Gourg Nègre, some nights, it would be possible to ear the ringing of a bell fell at the bottom of the river. It is said a bell fell from the churchtower on a Christmas Eve & hurtled down the slope into the Lézert.

You are fond of altarpieces? Read the pdf document below - in French - entitled "Les retables en Aveyron - Itinéraire Ségala-Lévezou" & go all over the Ségala with the other churches listed in it!


opening times

    from 01 january 2024 to 31 december 2024


12160 Boussac
lat. 44.280899 - lon. 2.368729

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