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Trail running No. 25 Vabres-l'Abbaye – Montcamp


Type : BoucleDifficulty : FacileDuration : 01h30Distance : 10.4 kmDescent : 461 m

Between the Dourdou plain and the Rougier surroundings, enjoy running through a transitional landscape mainly covered by woodland, which from single-tracks to technical paths, gradually turns out to be a formidable playground for trail-runners.

This route offers an opportunity to be introduced to trail-running for two reasons. First, it features an accessible distance and goes in the heart of the Joncas, an unknown landscape displaying shimmering colours. Second, although the altimetric profile seems to be tranquil, with a 500m of positive elevation, this loop interspersed with ascents and gullied passages showcases all the challenges a trail-runner has to deal with.

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Trail N°25 Vabres-l'Abbaye - Montcamp
12400 Vabres-l'Abbaye
lat. 43.945202 - lon. 2.837629



  • Trail N°25 Vabres-l'Abbaye - Montcamp
    12400 Vabres-l'Abbaye

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