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Viaduc du Viaur

Viaduct of Viaur

The viaduct of Viaur, completed in 1902, it crosses the deep valley of Viaur between Rodez and Albi. It is located on the municipalities of Tauriac-de-Naucelle (Aveyron) and Tanus (Tarn). This bridge has been registered as a historic monument since 28 December 1984.

Beams of steel, arches, rivets and it holds since 1902. At 116 meters above the ground, the viaduct straddles the Viaur with majesty. It is one of 3 metal works of the 19th century in France, designed to carry the line of railway Toulouse-Rodez. A picturesque aerial lace from the genius of the engineer Paul Bodin (winner of the architecture competition in font og Gustave Eiffel!) A metal giant 460 m long and 3,800 tons of steel form this building over the river. It is a unique bridge in France that played an important role in the economic development of the region. The train passing through the viaduc made it possible to connect the Tarn and Aveyron slopes of Ségala and to bring in new agricultural produce. Indeed, this work has undoubtedly contributed to the agricultural boom of Ségala. A second road viaduc was put into operation between the municipalities of Tauriac de Naucelle and Tanus. 570 m long, it overlooks the Viaur 130m. This steel bridge, assembled by rivets, is composed of two cantilever balanced cantilever beams, each extended by a short beam with a constant section and two-arched masonry abutment. It is the only bridge of this type in France. Originally the central point of the bridge is not welded, the main arch is split into two independent parties able to support each a considerable weight. Shortly after the completion of the construction of the viaduct, the two parties were welded for reasons related exclusively to the maintenance of the structure.

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