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Explore St-Just-sur-Viaur

A village clinging to its hill...

The St-Just-sur-Viaur District had around 1,700 inhabitants in late 19th century. With the last-century rural exodus, woods replaced hemp growing, fruit trees and vineyards. Today, with some 230 inhabitants, it is an ideal choice for nature and old-stone lovers.

A village that has been around for quite some time...

First mentioned in 1241, this former fortified hamlet hosts beautiful buildings, like the priory overlooking the River Viaur. In the old days, it belonged to the nuns of the "Monastère-sous-Rodez" and, as most of the Church properties, it was put up to auction in 1793. Have a look at its beautiful mullioned windows and its wavy ledges that live on since 16th century.

Take time to walk around this village that managed to preserve all its charm with its stone houses and low walls, little bridge and steep way.

... changed its name...

The village was originally named only St Just. The change occurs in November 1918 to avoid frequent mistakes due to the important number of places bearing this name : an additional proof that we like to assume our difference in the Ségala!

... & offers an unusual meeting:

Every August, takes place the échaudé with wine festival. The échaudé is a small aniseed cake.

Continue your exploration of the district with :

- Viewpoint of Puech de Rouet (626m. high) for a panorama over the area and the charm of its wooded valleys.

- Roucayrol Chapel, located in the junction of the départements of Tarn and Aveyron. Since 17th century, a pilgrimage takes place on every September 8.

- La Calmésie, former Gallo-Roman campsite, around which you can see traces of fortifications, fragments of statues and pottery, as well as 5 sandstone millstones included in a barn wall. There, it is said a town called Pontoise existed.

Explore the rest of the district by going to Castelpers.


12800 St-Just-sur-Viaur
lat. 44.125198 - lon. 2.366929

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