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Ségala - Magazine de destination, OFFICE DE TOURISME PAYS SEGALI


Destination Ségala Magazine

You can find in it all the information you need to get inspired... & especially all what makes the identity of our territory!

An appetite for simple things, authenticity, heritage, quality, in a preserved area... This is Ségala in Aveyron.

It is on contact with our inhabitants' assertive personalities - the Ségalis - that the Ségala best shows itself. Behind this apparent roughness, are hiding real Ségala lovers: people passionate about their know-how, simply motivated by an ardent desire to share the treasures known by them alone, whether they are craftmen or craftwomen, hosts, breeders...

So, don't be shy & come up against the Ségala, wild by nature!


Office de tourisme du Pays Ségali
Place des Arcades
12800 Sauveterre-de-Rouergue
lat. 44.220600 - lon. 2.318329




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