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In the land of Roquefort

Cycle tourist

Type : BoucleDifficulty : MoyenneDuration : 03h00Distance : 48.9 kmDescent : 966 m

An immersion in the heart of the milk catchment area dedicated to the producing of the king of cheese: a landscape with plateaus, majestic amphitheatres and residual mounds that holds some beautiful bumps and splendid sceneries.

This loop is to the « Brebis'Cyclette » bike ride what a strong Roquefort is to a milder Roquefort. The ascent to the causse of Saint-Affrique and the Aiguières pass are the two challenges of this route marked out by attractive sites: the dolmen de Tiergues, the ripening caves, the Tournemire amphitheatre, the Saint-Jean d'Alcas fort, before a gentle ending through the Sorgues valley.

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Au Pays du Roquefort : Cyclo
12400 St-Affrique
lat. 43.958698 - lon. 2.887129



  • Au Pays du Roquefort : Cyclo
    12400 St-Affrique


  • Office de Tourisme, Saint-Affrique

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