Bruno who is a professional beekeeper, offers to people wishing to set their first hives and needing to acquire good basic knowledge, a two-day period during which they'll be totally immersed in the amazing world of bees.

Do you fancy setting up 1, 2, 3, beehives in your garden to produce your own honey? Would you like to pollinate fruits and vegetables in your garden, or do you simply enjoy watching bees do their work and want to take care of them? Would you like first to check your abilities with bees and learn the basics before you start? The current environmental setting requires starting beekeeping with some basic knowledge and mastering adequate and precise movements. How to take care of your bees as naturally as possible? Should a breed be chosen? What type of beehive is the most appropriate? How to cope with the various difficulties such as the varroa mite and the Asian hornet or a shortage of flowers...)?

The exploration and comparison of conventional and organic beekeeping activities will allow you a better understanding and will make easier your choice between the two approaches. You'll have the opportunity to practice with two types of beehives (Warré and Dadant), enabling you to test your abilities and find out their differences. The theoretical learning combined with a practical application will allow you to gain the basic knowledge so that you can calmly start a family apiary.


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Mas de Rouby haut
12400 St-Affrique
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