Cransac Les Thermes - Chaine Thermale du Soleil, Comité Départemental du Tourisme de l'Aveyron


Chaine Thermale du Soleil - Thermes de Cransac

Health, fitness and wellbeing in Cransac. Treatments offered: get back into shape and spa treatment for rheumatology and after-effects of osteo-articular shocks
Stays of three weeks covered by the Sécurité Sociale / Packages: spa discovery, mini-cure and getting back into shape stays from 1 to 12 days / body modelling / Berthollet, Berthollaix and Thalatherm wellbeing treatment / New for 2010: the spa's already well-known natural resources (hot natural gases) are enriched with a thermo-mineral source rich in magnesium and sulphur. Three new treatments are offered: drink treatments, vaporarium and the kaolin poultice.

Capacities & Services

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Equipments and services

  • Car park
  • Shop
  • Spa

Opening & Prices

opening times

  • from 03 march 2021 to 30 novembre 2021
    Lundi : de 6h45h00 à 13hh00

    Mardi : de 6h45h00 à 13hh00

    Mercredi : de 6h45h00 à 13hh00

    Jeudi : de 6h45h00 à 13hh00

    Vendredi : de 6h45h00 à 13hh00

    Samedi : de 6h45h00 à 13hh00

    Jours fériés : de 6h45h00 à 13hh00

  • from 12 february 2021 to 23 december 2021


Rates 2020

  • Single all public

Rates 2021

  • Single all public

Methods of payment

Cheque - Carte bancaire


Cransac Les Thermes - Chaine Thermale du Soleil
La Combe
12110 Cransac
lat. 44.529202 - lon. 2.275278




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