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Max Captebarthes Leather Craft
Max Captebarthes Leather Craft

Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, vallée du Viaur

Enjoy your holidays in the Segala region thanks to a selection of natural areas, cultural places and outdoor activities, between the Aveyron and Viaur Valleys.

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Bosc Castle - House of Toulouse-Lautrec


This richly furnished medieval castle, and exceptional family home, gave Toulouse-Lautrec the assets to become one of the 19th-century most famous painters. The artist is still present there through drawings, posters and lithographs.

Taurines Castle


13th-14th century castle restaured in 1982 by the "Association du Château de Taurines", in collaboration with "Les Compagnons du Devoir". Every summer since 1985, an exhibition of contemporary art is presented in this exceptional setting.

House of the writer Jean Boudou


The small farm in the Ségala region where was born Jean, was staged by a group of artists gathered by Bernard Cauhapé. The visitor walks among the moving, disturbing and facetious tales and stories of this 20th century major writer !

Segala Wildlife Park (Pradinas)


Whether you're young or less younger, you will be amazed by the 200 animals along the woody and hilly 3-kilometre walk set in the 15-hectare park for sure !

Pôle des métiers d'art du Pays Ségali


The soul of Sauveterre de Rouergue is discovered through its stone archways and craft workshops.

Explore Baraqueville


Settled in a Segala ridge, this small modern town owes its creation and expansion to its geographical location, which gave it - and still gives it - the opportunity to play a major role in the area economy for agriculture.

Roman Fountain of Vors


An old Lady with 2000 years of History !

Explore Boussac


Classified as Historic Monument, its fortified church will surprise you with its stature, & the village with its balance between nature & the charm of its old stones!

Explore Calmont - fortified village


Its keep, its church, its character houses will take you back to the Middle Ages, when the village was the settlement of an influential seigneury. From the top of the village to the banks of River Nauze, a travel back in time is offered to you...

Basilica of Notre Dame de Ceignac


800 years of religious architecture gathered in one site : purely amazing !

Versailles Picnic Area


Bucolic in spring, refreshing in summer, poetic in autumn & soothing in winter : an area you can spend time in all year round!

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