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Saint-Geniez-d'Olt vu du ciel
Saint-Geniez-d'Olt vu du ciel

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The privileged location of Saint-Geniez d´Olt, between Causses and Aubrac, on the banks of the Lot, makes it an ideal holiday destination, in green and unspoiled nature.
The quality of life, outdoor activities, various events and conviviality are the key elements that characterise it.
Let yourself be transported by the serenity and emotion that emanate from the Pays d'Olt. Come and join us!

Cloître de nuit ©Norbert Fabre
Cloître de nuit ©Norbert Fabre


From the Middle Ages, Saint-Geniez d´Olt manufactured drapery and became one of the most important towns in Rouergue in the 17th century. Saint-Geniez d'Olt has preserved its built heritage from this Golden Age: old houses and parish church (17th -18th century) on the right bank, Augustine cloister and chapel (14th and 17th centuries) and mansions (17th century) on the left bank, ... If you follow the path along the Lot, on the right bank, you can relax at the Parédous. You might even see a Marmot, the town’s emblem!


The legend of the marmots

It is said that, at the end of the 15th century, a fisherman lived in St Geniez whose two children had captured a marmot. On a stormy afternoon, the little animal fled, frightened.
The two children set off in pursuit as a severe storm erupted, drowning the valley in a downpour. On their return, several houses had been carried away, including theirs, together with their father. Their lives had been spared thanks to the little animal running away. They were given the nickname the Marmots. By extension, the name was given to all the residents.

La statue des Marmots sur le Pont Vieux
La statue des Marmots sur le Pont Vieux


Outdoor activities (trail running, hiking, ...), motor sports (car rally, 3 Days of Aveyron Trial, ...), musical entertainment (Music Festival in the Olt Valley, Big summer concert, ...) and night markets,... There’s so much to see and do.
Saint-Geniez d´Olt can be proud of its annual success, the Tango Festival!


This is the story of a young girl from Saint-Geniez d'Olt, Berthe Gardes, who had an affair with one of her cousins, Joseph Gardes, who was also a seminarian
As this could not be, the seminarian was sent on a mission to Asia, then to Africa. The Gardes family, together with Berthe and the child she was carrying, left for Argentina, like many other Aveyron residents, including those who founded Pigüé
Berthe gave birth in Toulouse to a boy, Charles Romuald (this is the only bit of the story of which we can be sure, as the birth was registered in state records), and they settled in Buenos Aires.
Charles changed his first name to Carlos, and replaced the final S of his surname with a louder L, to become Carlos Gardel! And that’s the story...
So, it was completely natural to organise a tango festival in Aveyron!



Every year, on a Saturday morning at the end of May, the marmot town welcomes the herds of Aubrac cows, decorated with flowers, cockades and cowbells, which are being moved to the Aubrac plateau.
On the Saturday morning, the herds rest for a while on the old oxen fairground before reaching the pastures. At the same time, there is the Regional Producers Market, folklore entertainment, etc.
For this occasion, 3 hikes are organised for the public. The day before, you can also visit a farm (booking required).



From mid-June to mid-September, the Tourist Office organises a discovery programme, visits to farms and craft workshops, walks, and activities within the framework of the F’Estivales des Causses à l’Aubrac.


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