Goûter à la ferme, dégustation de produits aveyronnais, Aveyron © M. Hennessy -Tourisme Aveyron
Goûter à la ferme, dégustation de produits aveyronnais

Tours and tastings
in Aveyron

Distillerie artisanale et Caves Gayral


Paul Gayral distils and raises traditional local "eaux de vie". They are called "Vieille prune", "Vieille poire", marc de l'Aveyron-Marcillac and Mirabelle. He makes "Lou Rouergat" aperitifs based on wine and fruit macerations (nuts, chestnuts, saffron, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries). The old nut, chestnut, quince, saffron and Ratafia liqueurs are excellent. The regional wines have a privileged place in Paul Gayral's cellar.

Domaine du Val Enchanté


Le domaine du Val Enchanté works in biodynamics and creates organic and natural wines.

Domaine le Verdus


B del Puech


Visite de l'entreprise Raynal et Roquelaure


Visit the company Raynal et Roquelaure, enter the world of canned ready meals, discover 135 years of know-how!

Safranière des Privats

La Roque-Ste-Marguerite

Safranière des Privats : saffron and saffron products of the Larzac. Saffron producer since 2010. Hand crafted saffron products: saffron syrup, saffron salt, saffron vinegar, saffron tea, saffron jam, saffron mustard etc...

Domaine du Grès


Ink wine: a passion, work, self sacrifice, wine... Red and rose wine.

GAEC du Berlières


The GAEC du Berlières proposes ewe's tome cheese from the farm.

L'Arc en Miel : visite-immersion au coeur du monde des abeilles


Set in the heart of a wooded valley which is only a 2 min drive from Saint-Affrique, Nadia and Bruno welcome you in their professional honey house made of local wood. Follow the beekeepers along an interactive visiting tour… and immerse yourself in the world of honeybees!

Domaine du Vieux Noyer


Visits of the cellar and tasting of wines (organic) and aperitifs.

Domaine de la Carolie


Wine tasting and visits to the traditional vaulted cellar. Walks in the vineyards possible.

Aromatiques du Larzac


Culture and processing of aromatic plants for the production of Pastis des Homs, aperitifs, brandies, vinegars and flavored herbal salts, herbal teas ...

Roquefort Vernières


The name of the Vernieres the owners of the cellars in Roquefort appears from the 17th century. It has been as it is now since 1890 and Roquefort Vernières Frères is still a family and independent company.

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