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Musée Fenaille à Rodez

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Faites le plein de culture dans un des musées et galeries de l’Aveyron !
Toutes les facettes de l’art sont à explorer dans les musées et galeries de l’Aveyron : de la préhistoire à l’art contemporain, avec une belle mise en lumière des traditions et la vie d’autrefois en Aveyron.

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Mini-Musée de La Roque Valzergues - INFORMATIONS 2020 NON COMMUNIQUEES


La Roque Valzergues, close to St Saturnin de Lenne, was one of the 4 lordships of the Rouergue. Overlooking the Serre valley, the hamlet has conserved the vestiges of its fortifications. The Mini-Museum has been laid out in the postern adjoining the Grande Porte (main gate). In this small area, you can see an exhibition of ancient tools, photos and other touching souvenirs.

Eglise Notre Dame d'Aubin


Superb church built in the 12th century, modified in the 15th century harmoniously mixing Romanesque and Gothic styles.

Poterie - Galerie du Don

Le Fel

Europeen reference site dedicated to contemporary ceramics! A breathtaking architectural audacity and internationally known for the surprising diversity of its collections and its high-level temporary exhibitions.

Village de Belcastel


History of the village (one of the most beautiful villages in France) and its heritage.

Musée municipal Urbain Cabrol


Generalist museum predominantly archaeological and ethnological. Installation of new Beaux Arts rooms. Temporary art exhibitions.

Musée Damien Bec


Statue and Menhir Museum. Popular Art and Traditions. Visit the statue menhirs and local craftsmens' tools.

La Maison des Consuls


Visits of the Choir and the interiors (Consuls room, painted 17th century ceiling, 17th century fireplace, 18th century hand painted wallpaper, ...) and diverse exhibitions.

L'Espace botanique Hippolyte Coste


The Hippolyte Coste's botanical area, at Saint-Paul des Fonts, is dedicated to the life and works of the canon Hippolyte Coste.

La Maison de la Cerise


in the heart of the Tarn valley, a few minutes afar from Millau, come and discover the secrets of the "red gold": Pauhle cherries, 200 years of tradition and aveyronnais savoir-faire.

Musée de Lincou


Don't hesitate to discover: "a unique place".



An astonishing mineralogical collection. More than 1500 pieces exhibited, coming from the region, from across France and from around the world.

La Petite Bergerie


Exhibition of artists. Monumental sculptures in the fields.

Musée départemental des arts et métiers traditionnels


In an old woollen mill, remarkable for its roof timbers and central columns, the exhibition presents four themed levels including monumental machines (forge, power hammer, mill wheels, presses), demonstrate the traditions of the Rouergue.

Musée de la forge et de l'ancienne vie rurale


Come and discover a fascinating piece of local history. You can collect the keys from the Mairie in the village centre, from 10-11 am on Monday or from 2-4 pm on Tuesday and Friday. Alternatively, call

Musée Au fil du Rail


Au fil du rail in Agen d'Aveyron invites you to visit its two miniature trains networks, realistic decors, various animations, sound and light.

Noële Scupteur Artiste

La Couvertoirade

Maison Départementale de la mémoire résistance, déportation et citoyenneté


Area dedicated to the darkest period of the 20th century: the Second World War.

Le Musée d'Antoine


An original presentation of old tractors (from 1920 onwards) and diverse agricultural equipment.

Jean-Jacques BRIS


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