Saint-Côme d’Olt et la vallée du Lot, Aveyron © C. Bousquet - CD12
Saint-Côme d’Olt et la vallée du Lot

À voir à faire

Si vos vacances s’inscrivent dans un cadre architectural des
plus riches grâce aux nombreux monuments classés que vous trouverez ici,
il ne faut pas oublier que Saint-Côme-d’Olt a su conserver une vraie vie de village.
N’hésitez pas à y participer !

Prod Aubrac


Découvert du village de St-Côme d'Olt


15th - 16th century church of Saint Come, belfry, old village centre. Visits of the penitents' chapel. 11th century Romanesque art, curved roof (Philibert style).

Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs


On the road of St Jacques de Compostelle, built in 1700, derelict abd then renovated from 2001, the Chapel of the White Penitents, with a brotherhood going back to 1668, is distinguished by its facade with a door framed with "refends" and crowned with an arched pediment. An oculus and two windows surround a niche with a statue of the H. Virgin.

Musée du Rouergue (Moeurs et Coutumes)


The former prison in Espalion is a beautiful Neo-Classical style building. It holds the collections of the Rouergue Museum relating to habits and customs.

Le Manoir Alexandre


Video available in our shop that explains the ensemble of our production. Tasting of our "la caille fourrée au foie gras" speciality accompanied by white wine with a tombola organised on site and several presents to be won.

Église de Mandailles


The current church dates from 1866 and replaces a former castral chapel.

Église du Cambon


The Romanesque church of Cambon was often refurbished in the 16th century. It has the particularity of having two clocktowers. The original clocktower is erected at the centre of the crossing. In the 16th century a square clocktower was added, built on the first span of the ship.

Musée Joseph Vaylet (Arts et Traditions Populaires)


The Joseph Vaylat museum of Arts et Traditions Populaires presents a traditional 19th century rourgat interior of a house ("cantou" fireplace, "souillarde" utility room and furniture...) as well as a rich collection of bedside fonts. Numerous objects of daily life from times gone by are presented by theme in an exceptional Gothic setting.

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