Diary of events
in Aveyron

01 January

31 December

Atelier décoration


01 January

31 December

Bibliothèque de Lédergues


01 September 2019

31 December 2020

Initiation Salsa


06 December 2020

03 January 2021

Exposition de Crèches


The association “Viure al Vilatge” invites you to discover a showcase of Christmas nativity scenes at the St-Izaire château displayed in the exhibition rooms.

05 April

Randonnée gastronomique du lundi de Pâques


Every year on the occasion of Easter Monday, the association offers you to explore the hiking paths that crisscross the municipality of St-Izaire.

02 May

Foire de Mai


The traditional annual fair will be held this year on Sunday, May 3 in Saint-Affrique. The last editions that took place on Sundays, enabled people to attend this popular event and have been very successful.

06 June

Foire Alternabio


The ALTERNA'BIO association offers its fair dedicated to ecology.

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