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Cave Laguiole AOP, coopérative Jeune Montagne

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Église St Laurent de Prades d'Aubrac


Prades d'Aubrac is one of the highest municipalities of the department with Aurelle-Verlac. The church was rebuilt from 1540 to 1546.

Château du Bousquet


14th century Historic Monument, lived in and furnished. Route de Ste Foy du Puy, in Conques. Museum of ancient art from the Middle Ages to the present.

Abbaye de Bonneval

Le Cayrol

The abbey of Bonneval, from the 12th century, was initially a monastery of the Cistercian order, then aboned in the revolution, the ruins were rebuil in 1875 by a community of Trappistines. The nuns lived from their manual work, and made excellent chocolate: the famous chocolate of Bonneval.

Gîte d'étape communal d'Aubrac - La Tour des Anglais


Aubrac, 'Alto Braco' in an old local patois, meaning 'the high place' is located on the Aubrac Plateau at 4422 feet altitude. The village, a very rich place historically speaking, is listed as a Historic Monument and is a stop-over on the Way of St. James. The stop-over gîte is hidding in a tower dating from the 14th century, built as a protection against the English during the Hundred Years War.

Musée de la cornemuse du Massif Central


In Vines the central massif bagpipes museum offers you an immersion in the world of that unusual instrument.

Sentier d'observation botanique et écologique du bois de Laguiole


Ce parcours est au départ de la station de ski de Laguiole au Bouyssou. Le parcours fait 9 kms mais il existe 2 raccourcis pour ceux qui ne veulent pas faire la randonnée en totalité.

Musée du couteau de Laguiole, de l'objet forgé et de l'outils tranchant


An unmissable stage after the free visit of the workshop, guided and commentated of the "Coutellerie (knife makers) de Laguiole Honoré Durand" workshop - a living space with the the Damascus steel blacksmith (the only blacksmith in Laguiole to forge Damascus steel).

Coutellerie Benoit l'Artisan


Come and visit our artisanal workshop, you will discover a young qualified and passionate team who will explain different stages from the forge to assembly of a traditional Laguiole knife. You can also discover their creations and unique pieces.

Coopérative Fromagère Jeune Montagne


Discover the secrets of Laguiole cheese and Aubrac Aligot

Mille Ans de Traces en Aubrac


Exhibition " Mille ans de Traces en Aubrac " : the life of the farmers in the 11th century, mills, the resistance movement, the fauna and the deers.

Coutellerie Brun


Come visit our cutlery with our workshop and our shop where you can find knives unique manufactured on site.

Jardin Botanique de l'Aubrac


Jardin Botanique de l'Aubrac (Botanical Garden of the Aubrac) - New for 2011 - discovery area dedicated to wild plants of the Aubrac. For everybody: children and adults (individuals, families, groups, school trips...).

La Maison du Laguiole


Artisanal fabrication, creative models, damask steel bladed knives, table art. Complete range of chef's knives and scissors. Sharpening, repairs and engraving on site. New: we also make figures out of nails in our workshops, on the following themes: sport, music, leisure, jobs. " Le Clou de Laguiole " brand and models registered. Workshop shared with Benoît l'Artisan (from father to son) situated in the heart of the village, place du Toural. Possibility of guided visits. Wholesale and retail sales.

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