Stage d'enluminure au château de Coupiac

From 23 to 24 Novembre


12550 Coupiac

Illumination of manuscripts is an ancient art which has developed during the Middle-Ages. The text was usually written before the manuscripts were hand-decorated with gold.

This two-day training course is intended for beginners and requires no specific drawing and painting skills.

You will learn and put into practice the traditional methods used during the medieval period for the creation of these miniature paintings.

During the course, you will make on a parchment your own illumination selected from the proposed models, a dropped initial or the detailed border of an illumination for instance.

You will learn how

• To prepare a parchment made of goat-skin.

• To transfer the drawing of the chosen model

• To lay the gold leaf on traditional mordant

• To prepare your paints according to medieval methods (pigments and medieval tempera).

• To mark the outlines

• To bring out the highlights

At the end of the course these formulas will no longer hold any secrets for you:

• Medieval tempera which is essential for making paint (egg white, gum Arabic, honey water)

• Iron gall ink used to mark the drawing outlines

• Mordants used to lay the gold leaf

Opening & Prices

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Rates 2019

  • Single adult : 130,00€

Rates 2020

  • Single adult : 130,00€


Château de Coupiac
6 place du manège
12550 Coupiac
lat. 43.953999 - lon. 2.581200

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