Conférences avec Jacqueline Robin

On 12 December


12400 St-Affrique

Jacqueline Robin, a qualified lecturer who holds a degree from the Louvre & the Sorbonne Schools invites you to discover these ancient Silk Roads during a series of conferences held by the Cultural Department of the town and Patatr'Art association.

There are some magic names, the mere mention of which gives rise to emotion and wonderment and which are conducive to inner travel: Ispahan, Mogao, Yangshao and Dunhuang.

These sites mark out a route which was followed by traders and intrepid travellers, great conqueror princes, poets in flight from persecution, monks or thieves. These locations are real Arabian Night settings, and as such, nourish our capacity for wonder.

Human creative genius and diversity are embodied all along these routes in their most life-giving aspects: the mixing of genres and cultures, the movement of goods and beliefs, through the essential interchange between peoples beyond their own identities and their internal stabilities.

These trading routes have provided China with the best, by bringing together a multitude of influences throughout the succession of empires. The great Chinese civilisation which has invented silk, paper and powder had no choice but to assimilate the contributions of the surrounding and sometimes invading peoples.

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